Expressing milk for your baby

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  • Breastfeeding and expressing milk for your premature baby or sick infant

Copies of this booklet are available in all the Expressing Rooms in OLCHC

  • How to establish and increase your milk supply when pumping 
The following video link provides information on how to establish and increase your milk supply when pumping


  • Hand Expressing 

The following video demonstrates Hand Expression


  • Skin to Skin Contact 

The following video demonstrates how to do Skin to Skin Contact


  • Expressing Assessment Tool (EAT) 

A guide to help you know when expressing is going well.  Your nurse will provide you with a copy of this and use this guide with you daily.


  • Expressing Log

Keeping track of your milk supply, helps when establishing and maintaining your milk supply

Expressing Log Book

  • Are you using the right size breast shield for expressing ?

  • Guide for washing and sterilising your expressing equipment