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Accommodating Resident Mothers to Breastfeed Siblings of the Hospitalised Child while in OLCHC

Breast Shield Size Fitting
Breast Sheild Assessment Tool

Breastfeeding Assessment Tool for Mothers (BAT) 2018

Breastfeeding Documents - Information Leaftlet - Breastfeeding / Expressing Information - St. Peter's Ward

Disclaimer for Expressed Breast Milk Leaving OLCHC
Expressing Assessment Tool (EAT) (Mothers Version)

Expressing Log for Mothers - Keeping Track of Expressed Milk

Guide for Mothers Washing and Sterilising Expressing Breast Milk Equipment

Information Leaflet - Donor Breast Milk

Information Leaflets - Mothers Expressing Breastmilk in OLCHC

Information Leaflet - Lactation Support Information for Parents Following Bereavement in OLCHC

Permission Letter for OLCHC to Discard Expressed Breast Milk

Donor Breast Milk Information (with links to Sperrin Donor Milk Bank in Enniskillen)

Breastfeeding Information Websites



Mothers Breastfeeding Guide


How to attach a baby to the breast?


How to get breastfeeding started?


How to maximise your breast milk production?


How to get the perfect latch?


How to Hand Express?


How to do Skin to Skin Contact/Kangaroo Care?


Advice on overcoming breastfeeding problems