Nursing Opportunities in the Emergency Department

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Nursing Opportunities in the Emergency Department

at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin


We are a dynamic team of ED nurses, doctors and allied healthcare professionals in Ireland’s largest tertiary children’s hospital. We value input from all staff and encourage our colleagues and team members to act as advocates for the children and families we care for.

We are looking for new and experienced children’s and emergency nurses to join our team. If you are interested in working in a stimulating environment that has exciting and progressive career opportunities, then join our team of specialists in the OLCHC Emergency Department.


About the Emergency Department

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin (OLCHC) is the main tertiary paediatric hospital in Ireland, providing approximately 85% of all tertiary care to children nationally. The hospital has approximately 223 inpatient, medical and surgical day unit beds. The Emergency Department (ED) has over 38,000 attendances per annum and referral can be via ambulance, general practice, walk-in or transfer from another hospital.

OLCHC ED generally sees children up to their 16th birthday. However, patients of tertiary specialties older than 15 years with ongoing follow up in OLCHC are also treated in ED when appropriate. The ED sees all case types and approx. 60% of attendances are in the < 5 year-old age group. Medical illness predominates but as expected from the hospital’s tertiary status, the ED case mix is complex and of high acuity. The department is also a port of entry for planned/ unplanned hospital transfers to tertiary specialities. The department currently has 3 resuscitation bays, 12 treatment areas, 1 triage room, 1 relatives’ room, a workstation, waiting room and an office/administration area.


Opportunities for Further Education

The ED in OLCHC offers a wide range of educational opportunities and career pathways (clinical, educational and management), including but not limited to:

▪ Formal Orientation Programme to the ED

▪ Transition Programme for newly qualified staff: 1 year

▪ Casting Course

▪ Skills and competencies required for performing the Irish Children’s Triage System

▪ Paediatric procedural sedation course ▪ In House Scenario Based Learning – Medical and Trauma Cases

▪ Paediatric Life Support: 1 Day Course

▪ Advanced Paediatric Life Support: 2 Day Course

▪ Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing (Children’s- level 9): 1 Year

▪ Nursing Research Projects within the ED

▪ Opportunities to present research findings at national and international forums

▪ The ED facilitates and supports further education at all post-graduate levels

▪ Scope for development of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Role

There are also various hospital-run study days on a wide range of clinical topics e.g. Caring for the Critically Ill Neonate, Caring for the Child with a Tracheostomy, Wound Care Study Day, Leadership and Empowerment, and Caring for the Child with Sickle Cell Disease, to name just a few.


All nursing staff joining the ED team are commenced on a formal orientation programme and are trained in the skills necessary to work in the department. Such orientation programmes will cover all aspects nursing in the ED including care of the patients in the minors’ area, wound care and back-slab application, leading on to care of the child in resus and triage.

Also included in the orientation programme are lectures in frequently seen cases in the ED, training in administering coagulation factor concentrates, and blood tracking. New staff will work very closely with our Clinical Nurse Facilitator and will be assigned a nursing colleague who will act as a mentor. Newly qualified staff are commenced on a transition programme that includes various study days to help support new staff and familiarise them with the hospital.

Our aim in orientation is to welcome new staff to our team and to develop competent and confident staff nurses to work in our Emergency Department who will give expert family centred care to our patients and their families.


The Emergency Department Team
The team in the ED consists of nursing, medical, administrative, social work and household staff and currently consists of:

● 2 Advanced Nurse Practitioners

● 1 Clinical Nurse Manager 3

● 1 Clinical Nurse Manager 2

● 1 Clinical Nurse Facilitator

● 2 Community Liaison Nurses

● 7 shift leaders

● 28 staff nurses

● 6 Healthcare Assistants

● 3 ED consultants

● 2 Fellows (on rotation with PICU)

● 7 Registrars

● 7 SHO’s

● 9 Administrative staff

● 2 Medical Social Workers

● 1 ED Secretary

● 5 Janitorial / cleaning Staff

We are a progressive, forward-looking department active in development of paediatric emergency care at both local and national levels. In 2017, the department will be transitioning to all clinical interactions being recorded digitally on an emergency department information system and expansion of the current footprint of the department. Current departmental plans include development of a paperlight department.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team or would like further information please contact:

Ms. Bridget Conway                                  Ms. Karen McGuire                               Ms. Marie Conlon
Clinical Nurse Manager III (ED)                Divisional Nurse Manager                     Nursing Human Resources
+353-1-4096000 bleep 8364                    +353-1-4096000 bleep 8747                 +353-1-4096000